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Gas burner ignition ceramics ignition electrode

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Name Gas burner   ignition ceramics ignition electrode
MaterialElectrode   Body-Ceramic, 95% alumina ceramics,
    bear the voltage: 16-25 KV and high temperature resistant wires
MAIN   PRODUCTSIgnition   needle, Reaction needle, ignition electrod, Ceramic ignition electrode,   Ignition Cou, And then burning device ignition needle, Ignition needle of   main stove, Stove ignition needle, The main fire of infrared ray arranges and   lights a fire the needle, The main fire arranges and lights a fire the   needle, ceramic gas ignition needle  Point firewire Ignition lead group, Wire of   ignition,cable ignition/cable ignitor,ignition electrode,electrodes assembly   etc.
Advantagesensitive   ignition,strong ageing resistance,good corrosion resistanc,high temperature   resistance,high dielectric strength,long durable life,perfect   insulation,excellent  stability   suitable for different environment
LineTransparent   FEP bare copper or transparent FEP tin copper wire; UL1332, UL10362, UL1911,   teflon wire; UL3071, UL3239, UL3573 silicone rubber wire etc.
Electrode   materialsOCR25,   OCR27, SUS304, Ni80Cr20, Kanthal D, etc. 0 Cr25A15 resistance to high   temperature of 1250 ° C; 0 Cr27A17Mo2 can be high temperature of 1400 ° C
TerminalAll   kinds of quick connection terminals provide 2.8 x 0.8 (MM) or 2.8 x 0.5 (MM   and 4.8 * 0.8 (MM), SM terminals, sheath, cold pressing port.
TypeAccording   to your request and drawing or sample the best
    Packing: Cartons of 3000 / box (general), the actual number of packages for   accurate.
Voltage16-25 KV and high   temperature resistant wires
ModelAs per your   requirement,with drawing preferably
Delivery timeIn   the first order confirmation about 30 days, the subsequent order confirmation   about 20 days
SpecificationsFor   gas cookers, barbecue furnace, oven, Burner,gas stove, wall-hang boiler, the   water heater and other gas appliances

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