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Custom-built Advanced Solutions

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The distinctive properties of KeTao advanced ceramic materials satisfy the needs for the most demanding applications. KeTao solutions are based on a broad portfolio of materials offering exceptional properties, as well as advanced forming technologies, high quality, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bulletproof Plate,Ballistic Ceramic,Armor Plate, SIC Ceramics plate,B4C Ceramics,Alumina Ceramics,Bulletproof Helmet,Bulletproof Vest,Aramid UD Fiber,Bulletproof Insert Plate,Vehicle Armor Pane,SIC ceramics Bulletproof Plate,Ballistic Ceramic,Armor Plate ,lletproof Helmet,Bulletproof Vest,Bulletproof Insert Plate, BODY ARMOR etc.

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Hunan Ketao China Industry Co.,Ltd

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